Saturday, December 26, 2015

December Painting... round 1

It's not quite the end of the month but here's the progress so far for December.

First up, the Carnosaur! I had promised my son I'd get this guy done in time for our Christmas game of WHFB. I had to keep the paint job simple and run him "sans rider," but he got done in time for the game.

Also painted a couple of models as gifts for my nieces. I was tempted to run this pair as an Elementalist and Apprentice in Frostgrave! But that's not why I ordered them hehe.

D'oh! Apparently I forgot to take pictures of these before I gave them away. It was the North Star "not" Frozen models, painted up as Anna and Elsa.

North Star Military Figures Young Fire Elementalists Frostgrave

More to come before December 31st, hopefully!

Christmas Haul

Got a lot of fun goodies for Christmas this year!

All the new AoS terrain I wanted...

No interest in the game but the terrain pieces look they would fit right in if I did a Frostgrave board... lots of weird arcane looking ruins. And I DO want to do a Frostgrave table build in the new year!

Also got all the GW shades in their new larger sized bottles. I had been holding off on buying these for a while since the Army Painter shades are great and I have a set of those, but they were getting low and the GW ones come in more colors... so I replenished my AP set, and asked for the GW ones for Christmas.

My local gaming buddies are all interested in Kings of War ever since WHFB perished, so I got that for Christmas too, along with the first expansion (which I needed, since Lizardmen are one of my biggest armies!).

I also bought myself wait too much stuff this holiday season while I was busy doing online shopping for everyone else (one for them, one for me, one for them....)

Placed a large order with Stronghold Terrain ( www. ) and got most of the terrain that I've been drooling over at their site for a while. German efficiency: The big box showed up inside 2 weeks and was well packed, double thick cardboard, with individual cardboard boxes inside, and inside those boxes the resin parts were individually wrapped in foam sheets. Awesome.

By contrast, I also placed orders from other parts of Europe.

Poland: I ordered a Cathedral from

It showed up a month later in a torn up box with loose broken resin inside.

Great. Fortunately, it was a "ruined" version of the Cathedral anyway, and nothing was missing. On the bright side, the detail on these pieces is amazing. It's the only resin terrain I've seen from anywhere that matches Tabletop World in detail.

Spain: I found this "damaged village" set from a company called Escenorama,

( ) which would be awesome for Mordheim.

However, I ordered it almost two months ago. I got a confirmation right away. After 4 weeks, I received an e-mail that the order was "processing." I recently got an e-mail that it had shipped. Still haven't received anything. The Spanish are in no hurries!

Croatia: I also asked for the Guard Tower from Tabletop World for Christmas.

I was assured that it had been ordered 4 weeks ago, but still nothing!

Oh well... looks like my European terrain tour has a clear winner. That settles it, more orders to Germany! Perfect, there are a bunch of things I want from Thomarillion and Ziterdes... :)

Last but not least... got the limited edition Gen Con tavern that I've been seeing on eBay for quite a while. This bad boy is HEAVY! Not a light resin like the other terrain pieces I've got, it's almost a ceramic material. Nice detail though.