Saturday, September 26, 2015

September painting

Only a few months left in the year, and I'm officially going to miss my goal for the first time!

This was a busy month with work, travel, and personal stuff going on. I've got the following 3 fantasy models done, and I had hoped to finish 7 Troupes de la Marine for FIW. But it ain't gonna happen!

So here's what I did finish. First up are a couple of Reaper Bones dark elves. I guess they could have been any elves, but I painted them as dark elves. I am planning to eventually have enough of these guys to do a dark elf warband for Frostgrave or Song of Blades & Heroes.


I already had the wizard done from last year, so I tried to paint them to match. The details were not great on these models so I didn't spend too much time on them.

Next up was a metal Reaper model. This guy was a much better model so I spent more time on him! I tried to keep him in all earth tones, mostly browns. I think he could be used as either a Wizard, Apprentice, or maybe an Apothecary in Frostgrave.

 I'll try to add the 7 Marines to net month's production, so hopefully get 17 models done in October...

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

More Frostgrave

So my son wanted to play some more Frostgrave... he is definitely a gung-ho gamer. He had a hard time fathoming why we would NOT want to play a full campaign!

Unfortunately this month work has been pretty busy but we did have time to get a game in a couple of weeks ago.

The second game reinforced my perception of the game as a little bit crazy in terms of the possibilities for one-shot kills in-game and one-sided victories throughout a campaign! However, I'm learning to accept it for what it is and just have fun with it. Maybe throughout the course of a campaign this stuff would even out.

Here are some pics from our most recent game. At least in this one I got a couple of treasure pieces before I had to flee!

There were 6 pieces of treasure, and we each secured a couple before random monsters started arriving. They all came in on my side of the board of course :)

We took a few long range shots at each other. I summoned an Imp to attack his warband, but he cunningly was able to bind the demon and then turn it back against me! No more summoning demons for me when my opponent has the "Bind Demon" spell!

Once the monsters started arriving, my warband retreated back and headed toward my board edge to protect my Wizard. He survived with one hit point... yikes!

After taking a casualty from a long range Elemental Bolt, the monsters start arriving...

And then start multiplying...

My son does a victory dance..... Arrgh!