Sunday, May 31, 2015

May update: terrain...

Didn't really get any terrain done this month, but I did get my set of 12 Renedra tents *mostly* done, so I should be able to do a nice FIW encampment by next month.

In the mean time... just as with my painting, Frostgrave has been taking over my attention when it comes to terrain. I have a ton of stuff I want to do for FIW so I'm trying not to get too distracted!

Having these sitting around doesn't help:

I am really interested in doing a whole board based on the idea of a ruined monastery! Kind of "inspired by" Tintern Abbey in Wales but without being an exact replica:

Oh well; it's easy to have big ideas, but tough to get around to doing them. Those boxes have been sitting in my closet for years!

I'd also love to do a board based on the set of Osgiliath from the Lord of the Rings movies... but this would be an even higher pie in the sky, since it would involve a lot of scratch building!

Anyway - for now, I managed to put my ruined gothic city back in the closet and focus on a few FIW pieces.

Since I already have a bunch of log cabins for the "frontier," I wanted to work on some buildings that could represent a more established settlement. These would be great for the skirmishes during the campaign to take Quebec in the summer of 1759 - this was not the frontier, the British were raiding the suburbs of the most important city in New France!

So here are a couple of houses and a colonial church:

There's also another log cabin in there for good measure... it's a different style than the Pegasus ones though so it will mix things up.

All bets are off once Frostgrave gets released... I have been putting off building a Medieval ruined city board for years, originally intended to be used with Mordheim.

Now I will have even more reason to do it. I've got a whole bunch of kits hoarded away, just dying to be built and painted up... gotta get busy!

May update: gaming...

No gaming this month! After being on such a great streak, May came to a crashing halt when my wife got a stomach virus right on the day of my planned game of Muskets & Tomahawks.... Aarrggh!

Oh well - I did continue my Mordheim campaign with my son this month. We got 3 games in. As you can see, he usually wins:

We've been going at it with Lizardmen (he always takes Lizardmen!) vs. Orcs lately. So far he's up 4 games to 1.

Here are some "action shots" from our games this month...

A Skink Chief infiltrates and sneaks up on the objective before the game even begins...

Skinks climb up and form a firing line on the roof top... 

Goblin archers support a combat raging along the river bank!

Hopefully I'll get back on track and have a proper game night with the guys again in June. Until then... I will have to content myself with getting whooped by my boy!

May update: painting...

Well May is over, and once again I managed to just barely eke out my quota of 10 models this month.

I don't think I would have done it at all except my planned game night last night got canceled due to illness, so I had some extra painting time this weekend!

The new game Frostgrave that is coming out this summer has been stealing my attention, and my enthusiasm for the French & Indian War now has some competition. This month I painted 4 British Regulars, an NCO, and Magua from the Last of the Mohicans set by Warlord Games/Conquest. I wasn't too faithful to the movie with any of these characters yet, so just plan on using them as random Indians and civilian women.

 Somehow I forgot to take a picture of Magua! Oh well, next month.

My British troops are happy to have the reinforcements. Not enough to field an army for M&T yet, but with some Indian allies they could do a small game. And there are more than enough for a good sized game of Song of Drums & Tomahawks!

The rest of what I painted this month was for Frostgrave. I started a warband with a Reaper Bones model that I plan on using as an Illusionist, he just looks like one to me!

Based on the previews of the "official" line of minis for Frostgrave, it looks like many of the apprentice models will be similar in appearance to their corresponding wizards. So I painted up this young gal in the same color scheme:

Not sure if I will be sticking with all of the ideas from the book though... I like this little dude as a "generic" apprentice - just a kid lugging around the Mage's spell books and scrolls:

Finally, I've had this little cat sitting on my painting desk for quite a while. I think it is a familiar for one of the female Vampires in my Warhammer Fantasy undead army. I was desperate to get a 10th model done so finished it quickly... and the bonus is, I think you can take familiars in Frostgrave, so might get to actually use it!

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Nearly a month and no blog updates.... ahh! Well there has not been too much progress to report, unfortunately...

Last month I didn't get much painting done, but I did stick with my goal of at least 10 models each month:

I had to sneak in a skeleton warrior to beef up the numbers... I usually paint them in much bigger batches, but he was a straggler left over from the last batch I painted for my Vampire Counts WHFB army and has been sitting at the back of my painting desk for quite some time.

This month is even worse; I don't know if I will get 5 more minis done in the next week!

My FIW mojo has been interrupted because I am obsessed with Frostgrave instead. I did manage to complete 4 British Regulars and an NCO before I started to give in to the temptation to start a different project.

Oh well. I'll see what I can pull out of my hat by next weekend. Fingers crossed!