Saturday, December 31, 2016

Year end painting update

My year started off with finishing 14 models in January... I thought I was well on the path to finishing an average of 10 models a month in 2016 - a modest goal!

However the year had some busy and rough patches and there were several months where I got exactly "0" models done.

With that being the case, I was not too confident that I would reach 120 models by year's end. I'm happy to say that I pulled it off, by cheating a bit and painting up some easy models as objectives/scatter terrain. Here they are... Animals!

The scale is a bit wacky on some of them... they are a combination of O scale models by Pegasus Hobbies and Bachmann. The Bachmann ones were a lot larger than the Pegasus ones. The horse in particular seems giant next to some models, but I'm not too hung up over it.

If you compare them to heroic 28mm they look OK. Next to some more "true" 28mms they look too big. One of the comparison shots above shows the Bachmann horse next 28mm horses by Perry and Foundry. And the Foundry horse was sculped by the Perry Brothers! That's a huge size disparity. I guess my new Pict army rides on ponies!

I figure these could be useful for all sorts of things. The deer can be used as hidden movement markers in Muskets & Tomahawks. The livestock can be used as objectives in farm raid scenarios from ancient all the way up to the Revolutionary War (the most "modern" period I collect in 28mm).

One of the new periods that I'm interested in a lot lately is Arthurian / Dark Ages stuff, and I know there is a cattle raiding scenario in the new Saga: Aetius & Arthur book coming out. Also, one of the battles I'd like to try for AWI is "Hog Island," and now I have the hogs for it!

I've been sitting on these for a while and was happy to get them done, even if they are not as satisfying to finish as an actual unit / army of troops! Done is done. And I blew out my goal!

By the end of the year I finished 136 models... phew! The pressure begins again tomorrow, haha!

On top of the animals I also finished a few board game models. Here are some characters from Dungeon Saga and Conan. The Conan game by Monolith Games really impressed me - they are the most awesome board game models I've ever seen! They got me on a board game kick and I've backed Mythic Battles and Massive Darkness on Kickstarter, and just bought into Zombicide: Black Plague in a big way too.