Sunday, April 26, 2015

Muskets & Tomahawks Weekend... Day 2 !

So after the first night of M&T action, I was able to spend pretty much all day and night getting some more games in on Saturday with one my buddies from out of town.

First order of business was to replay the scenario from the night before, with the same armies and terrain setup, but the proper deployment rules!

Only problem with this was that I did not have enough British troops, since some of the folks that had brought their Brits on Friday were not around... so, the sad practice of "proxying" had to rear it's ugly head...

Some of my Pirates that had never seen a game table were happy to stand in as Rangers, and some Warhammer Fantasy (GASP! The HORROR!) Empire gunners stood in as the British Regulars.

This game turned out muuuch more like I would have expected. We fought to a draw with only one of the two buildings burning by the end of the game. I was happy to restore some of the lost honor of the French from the night before...

After this game we played a couple of games using the "Sideplots"  for some added twists. All in all, I'd say we were still learning the rules even after playing 4 games in a row, but we definitely improved a lot over those 4 games!

Since I'm on a French & Indian War kick, I will definitely give these rules another shot even though they require a bit of a commitment to really learn. They do seem to do a great job of simulating the period.

I don't think they are the best rules for a diverse gaming group that are not all "into" the period though. If I can manage to get everyone together again for another FIW game, I will definitely keep a more "beer & pretzels" approach and use Song of Drums & Tomahawks next time.

After switching sides and trying both the French and the Brits, one thing I can say that I learned about M&T after this weekend was - Mixed armies are more fun to play!

Just my opinion I guess, but it seems more fun when you've got more card types in the deck. You do get to do more when your card gets drawn if you have a pure army of one troop type, but the drawback is that if your opponent's army is mixed, you will spend a lot of time waiting around.

Pics of our Saturday battles below...