Saturday, September 26, 2015

September painting

Only a few months left in the year, and I'm officially going to miss my goal for the first time!

This was a busy month with work, travel, and personal stuff going on. I've got the following 3 fantasy models done, and I had hoped to finish 7 Troupes de la Marine for FIW. But it ain't gonna happen!

So here's what I did finish. First up are a couple of Reaper Bones dark elves. I guess they could have been any elves, but I painted them as dark elves. I am planning to eventually have enough of these guys to do a dark elf warband for Frostgrave or Song of Blades & Heroes.


I already had the wizard done from last year, so I tried to paint them to match. The details were not great on these models so I didn't spend too much time on them.

Next up was a metal Reaper model. This guy was a much better model so I spent more time on him! I tried to keep him in all earth tones, mostly browns. I think he could be used as either a Wizard, Apprentice, or maybe an Apothecary in Frostgrave.

 I'll try to add the 7 Marines to net month's production, so hopefully get 17 models done in October...

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