Sunday, November 6, 2016

Last weekend of prep for Mordheim Campaign 2016!

Of course I had to get called in for a work emergency on Saturday, right?

...and have family over all day on Sunday?

Once again, real life getting in the way of playing with my toys!

But all is well: I managed to finish the Brutes I was working on for the Nurgle warband, and a "Plague Cart" (Frog Demon) to boot!

Also finished off a wolf pack for my Norse. They were a super quickie paint job because I wasn't too happy with the models... here they all are:

Also realized I didn't actually include any pics of the "impassable" jungle terrain pieces I had been working on, even though I mentioned them last time. Here are a few shots, with the new Brutes for scale. I packed them really dense so there's no doubt as to what they represent!

You can also see a little sneak preview of one of my new Frontline mats in those shots - it's a Swamp mat. Once the campaign is over I'll do a Mat comparison, since I've ordered from so many different companies now!

It's really getting down to the wire... just 4 days to go! I have to finish painting up some shields and redo the edges of some old Norse models I had painted ages ago to match the rest of the warband.

What's really going to take the most time is finishing up the campaign rules! I had starting working on a set of rules for the campaign weeks ago, but never finished it. Gotta wrap that up and do some last minute housekeeping things like making sure I've got blank roster sheets etc.

In the mean time I also finished getting the game pieces ready for the campaign map board. They are 3/4" magnets with printed labels for each warband. I needed two Dark Elf symbols so I cheated and used a High Elf symbol for one warband... hehe.

Can't wait for the big day!

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