Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween! October painting...

Halloween! My favorite holiday! Unfortunately I've been so busy the past few months I did not get to host my usual Halloween Party this year...

The party wasn't the only victim of my crazy schedule over the past few months - I haven't updated this blog in over a month! Which is just as well, since the point of the blog was to keep a log of my painting progress... and there has not been much of this.

I did get a few models done though. These are the last of my Compagnies Franche de la Marine. I had originally planned to finish these 7 models in September as part of my "10 models a month" goal, but only the 3 Reaper models got done.

So with these being the only models done this month, I've put myself at quite a deficit. I am down 7 from September and now down 3 this month... I'm still optimistic though that I can finish the year at or above my target of 120 models.

The plan is to focus on Fantasy models for the rest of the year instead of French & Indian War. I would love to get my Rangers and Grenadiers done for the Brits, but it ain't gonna happen! Those models are too detailed to finish quickly.

I dug through my huge pile of Reaper Bones models (a sub-pile of the lead pile?) and tried to pick out a bunch that could be used to represent the creatures on the random encounter table in Frostgrave. The first supplement is due out in November, and I haven't even finished painting the models for the first book!

Anyway - I think a lot of these models can be painted very quickly. Limited details, not many colors. I spent the last couple nights basing them up and getting them ready. Now I just have to paint 'em!

The only problem is that I also promised my son I would get his Carnosaur model painted for this year's big Warhammer Fantasy game. We play a big game every year at Christmas, no points values, everything on the table! I really have no desire to be working on this guy, but a promise is a promise...

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