Monday, February 15, 2016

President's Day Painting

Got a lot of painting done this weekend!

In fact, I am already ahead for the month after this 3 day weekend of painting.

First up, I finished the first pack of Perry English Civil War Scots. It was a pack of 6 musketeers loading. It will also be my first unit for Donnybrook.

I am sure I will have nightmares about trying to paint these tartan patterns... grrr....

Fortunately I don't think the Warlord Scots (which will make up my "big" army for Pike & Shotte) have any of these.

Since you are allowed to take a Hero for each army point in Donnybrook, I painted up a character to lead them:

Here they are all together:

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  1. Great work so far! I know EXACTLY what you mean about that tartan though! Probably the only reason why my Scots are taking so d@mn long! Keep it up though!