Monday, February 8, 2016

Some more FIW models

I did get excited starting to paint some ECW troops this weekend, but in order to keep myself from getting carried away with them and ignoring my FIW models I painted a couple before I dug into the musketeers!

I figured these guys would be really easy and quick to paint, and I could then say that I painted 2 models for the French & Indian War this month.

Jesuit Priests could be used as civilian models in any game where you need them... but from all the reading I've been doing it seems they could just as well be considered militia leaders! In Acadia in particular it sounds like the "missionaries" were very much involved in goading the natives into raiding neighboring areas. In some cases, a bounty was put on their heads by the English.

Sounds like an interesting scenario...

Anyway - here are my Jesuits:

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