Wednesday, August 31, 2016

August Painting

August was all about prepping for the Mordheim campaign... for the first time in months, I managed to get my "10 models a month" goal done this month.

All 10 models were troops for my new Norse warband. They are by Wargames Foundry, and I've been sitting on them for many years... yay for digging something up out of the Lead Pile and getting it painted!

First, the Jarl:

These two shirtless fellas are my Berserkers:

My son has taken to calling the one on the right "Buffed Up Bill," so that will surely be his name in the campaign!

The Wolfen:

The Bondsmen:

And for the henchmen, the Hunters:

And a couple of Marauders:

The whole crew so far:

I've still got a few Marauders to paint, and technically I should paint some Wolves too for the warband I want to run. I may end up cheating and just using some of my Vampire Counts Dire Wolves as stand-ins though, since they're already painted and based for Mordheim/Warhammer.

I need to save time so I can get everything done! Still haven't even started the Carnival of Chaos warband that I told my buddy I'd paint for him...

I had high hopes of painting up a Norse Longship before November but I can already tell it ain't gonna happen.

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