Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Campaign Season!

Well August is almost done and I'm just putting some finishing touches on the Norse models I worked on this month. Lately all I can think about is the upcoming Mordheim Campaign in November!

I've been hosting an annual Mordheim Campaign for many years now and it's always a lot of fun. I inevitably end up buying a bunch of stuff for it, even though my Lead Pile is more than sufficient without adding to it!

This year I bought a Sisters of Sigmar warband of alternative models by Reaper Miniatures, because my son wanted to play them. But then after talking to all the players, we decided to do a campaign set in the Lustria setting again, which we've done a few times. With that being said he's going to try Dark Elves instead!

I'm trying to paint up two new warbands for this year's campaign by November: Norse for myself and Carnival of Chaos (using alternative miniatures) for one of my buddies.

I'm also going to try something new this year and post the rules etc. on the blog here so I don't have to overload everyone's e-mail inbox!

Went on a shopping trip the other day for some "campaign supplies." Here is the trophy for this year's winner:

This is the campaign map we'll be using. We've tried a map-based campaign before and it didn't work out too well, but I've got high hopes for this year.

I have a large poster sized version of the map that came with an issue of White Dwarf years ago, so I got it laminated and bought a big magnetic white board to lay it on. I have some magnets to use as markers as we move our warbands around the map. Good to go! Just have to print some labels for the game pieces.

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