Monday, January 16, 2017

KoW Campaign - first blood!

We started our Kings of War campaign today and I tested out my Salamanders (Lizardmen) against both the Brotherhood (Bretonnians) and Abyssals (Chaos Demons).

My local gaming group gave up on Warhammer after Age of Sigmar even though we had all been die hard WHFB players for almost 20 years... Kings of War has totally replaced it now. We had to find a new use for our Warhammer armies!

We played a 1000 point game on a 4x4 table, and the scenario was "Kill." Simple enough!

First game played to a draw, as we got to the bottom of turn 6 and were within 100 points of each other. I only took one hero and he was a relatively cheap one  - a "Ghekotah Skylord" (Skink Hero on a Terradon). He did pretty good for himself though!

The Bretonnian general was an expensive model, so even with only one model left he was within 100 points of my general and an additional regiment of skinks/gekotah warriors... d'oh!

Game 2 I faced off against Demons.

I thought it was over when my Horde got taken out... but I got lucky on some rolls and the regenerating demon lord kept failing to regenerate his wounds! I was not complaining.

In the end, the demons were wiped out to a man (demon?) and the Lizards held the day.

It was a fun day of gaming and I think I'm definitely getting the hang of this ruleset.

Ironically, I hadn't really read the book yet, as I've been relying on my opponents to walk me through the basics. Now that I know how movement, combat, etc. all work I'm gonna need to get studying - I have to learn the finer points of terrain, special rules, magic, and all the rest!

I figured it wasn't worth time really learning the finer points until I had an opinion of the game. I did the same thing with Flames of War and I was glad I did - after a game or two I realized I had no interest in playing it. The "battlefields" looked like a parking lot crammed full of tanks, ranges seemed way off... anyway, for multiple reasons I didn't want to invest any time in really learning it.

But I digress... KoW seems like fun and a good replacement for WHFB. I will definitely be getting more games in!

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  1. Looks like some good games. Sorry I missed.

    Just curious, did you actually try flames with a small game with people who know the rules like you are with kings? For me that made a huge difference. The big group games don't really work if people don't know the rules. Imagine a 4-6 player game of kings with 2000 points each, would not be a good sell.

    Not trying to sell you on fow, we already plan on playing too many games together to add it. Donnybrook and Saga etc!