Thursday, February 2, 2017

January painting

A couple of days late, but here's the update for January...

It was all about board games in the beginning of the year. I painted a couple more models for Conan, started my first Zombicide models, and painted all the heroes for the Dungeon Saga base set!

Other than that, I only finished one Reaper Bones model... a model that sat on my desk for most of last year, which I was planning to use as an Apothecary in Frostgrave.

Here they are. I'm trying to get better at taking pictures this year but I feel like it's almost an entirely separate hobby unto itself! I love some of the professional looking scenes I see other people set up to show off their models... but I'm not there yet! For starters, I tried to get my living room out of the background (in most of them anyway!).

Dungeon Saga:

Happy to get all the core heroes painted. Before I start working on any of the other heroes, I want to do the monsters and furniture from the base game.


My first two "survivors" were both from guest boxes, since I didn't have the base game yet when I started painting them. An orc and a wizard... it's funny that in most games these guys would be enemies, but in this particular fantasy setting, they are both on the same side - you can't be picky who you team up with after a zombie apocalypse!


This is Belit and one more of her guards. I have a couple more to do and then I'll be done with one whole group of troops. I tried to paint eyebrows on her... big mistake! I've seen some awesome paintjobs on this model, but I was not quite up to the challenge of giving her full facial detail. She ended up looking like she's got a big uni-brow. Oh well.


I deliberately painted her in muted colors, but I think I overdid it! She just comes across as very "blah." Happy to finally get her done though. She's been sitting on my desk for a while.

The whole she-bang:

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  1. I love these. It makes mine look awful. There is a dwarf in the paint stripper even as I type !!!