Sunday, April 2, 2017

March Painting

Got a few different things done last month: a couple of Reaper Bones, some more of the Dungeon Saga board game pieces, and a couple of demons from the Monolith Conan game.

These are some type of Frog men from the last Bones Kickstarter. I thought they could work as pygmies in Mordheim: Lustria games, or maybe in the new Ghost Archipelago spinoff of Frostgrave.

These are two more of the models from the Monolith Conan board game. They are both different types of demons. I am happy with the way the darker guy came out, but for some reason he looks glossier in the pics than in real life. The red one was a disappointment, but oh well, another model done!

And some skeletons from Dungeon Saga...

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