Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Mordheim Campaign 2018

So it's been many months with no blog update! There are multiple reasons... one is a big work project which has been taking up most of my time and will continue to do so until the end of this year. But the other is that I've been using my spare time toiling away at Mordheim terrain.

Haven't painted any models for several months but I got a decent amount of terrain done for a campaign we played this past weekend. Packed in an entire campaign (8 games) over the course of the weekend!

I took lots of pictures but can't really give a caption to most of these, as things were moving along fast and furious.

We came up with about 5 different tables to represent the following locations in Mordheim:

As an added twist, a couple of my friends decided that the three of us would all take human mercenary warbands, to make this campaign a true test of tactical skills (and, let's face it, dice rolling!). We ended up with two Reiklander warbands, one Middenheimer, two Skaven, and one Possessed.

The Skaven were clearly the most powerful. The humans were all pretty evenly matched, as would be expected. And the Possessed didn't really get enough games in to advance as much as the rest of the warbands.

We played 8 rounds, but not everyone got that many games in.

Here is a pic of the "calm before the storm;" a table I set up last weekend just to test things out. It was nice to see everything I had been working on for months laid out on the tabletop!

Here are the in-game shots... We started bright & early around 9am on Saturday.

Here are a few shots of the final warbands that were left at the end of the campaign...

The Reiklanders:

The other Reiklanders:

The Middenheimers:

And the Skaven!

I'd really love to paint up some more Mordheim troops in the future. Most of my Skaven are over 20 years old! Would be nice to also paint up the rest of the warbands and special characters that I never painted.

But the last several months have been all about terrain: ordering mats, and building and painting up ruins. They were mostly from Escenorama, but with some prepainted UrbanMatz and GameMat.EU buildings in there as well. I still have a bit more Escenorama stuff to paint up, and another large order from Black Friday should be arriving soon. We had never played a campaign actually set in Mordheim before, as strange as that sounds, because I never had enough appropriate terrain ready to accommodate so many tables. But we're good to go now, and I'll only be adding to it as time goes by!

There were, sadly, a couple of troops taken out of action during the weekend. Looks like I need to go get some more superglue...

Oh well, another one in the books. I have a large folder full of these, old campaign rosters from previous years! Each one brings back memories...


  1. Some really great looking tables there! Must have been satisfying to see them all in action. Sounds like a fun time too!

  2. yes - really great looking boards - what a great weekend's gaming it must have been.