Thursday, April 2, 2015

British officer done...

He's painted up as an officer in the 35th regiment. I've seen various references to either white, red, or orange waist coats (to match the facings). I went with orange.

Also, here's a shot, by special request, of the back of the British troops so you can see the turnbacks.

So for March I got 8 French Grenadiers, 1 Frost Giant, and a British Officer done. 10 models by the skin of my teeth!

Right now I am working on the Conquest / Warlord Frontiersmen, along with the special character pack of Simon Girty and Simon Kenton. These 8 models will give me a unit I can use as either Coureurs de bois, non-uniformed provincial Rangers, or generic armed frontier settlers.

I think after I finish these, I will take a break from painting as I go full steam ahead on terrain building for the Muskets & Tomahawks weekend at the end of this month.

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