Sunday, August 30, 2015

August Painting

I didn't get my more aggressive goal done this month but I did finish 10 models.

In addition to the Halfling Thief and 3 Thugs for Frostgrave earlier this month, I completed 5 of the unit of 12 Marines that I started for the French:

I think these guys come in groups of 8-12 in Muskets & Tomahawks, so for now (with the 8 I already had painted) I can use them as a unit of 12 plus one officer. At least I can bring a Canadian Officer now... you need a minimum of 10 models of a troop type to take an officer, so until now my 8 Canadian Marines had to go without a leader!

I also worked on a Summoner for Frostgrave. He is a metal character model so again, like the Thugs, I spent a bit more time on him than I would have if he were a Bones model or part of a big unit.

I liked him so I took a bunch of pics of him... and then of course, realized that I hadn't finished painting him! There is actually a small medallion on his neck that I totally forgot to paint. D'oh! So after he was already varnished, photographed, and placed in the cabinet, I realized he needed some more work.... grr...

Here he is with the medallion painted.

Hopefully the extra time I spent on him wasn't wasted... I used the same blues on him as the Marines, since the paints were already out on my desk - but here you can see the extra layers involved in the highlighting led to a smoother transition.

You can also see that the Reaper Fantasy models are sometimes a lot bigger than 28mm historicals!

This guy marked a first for me: he was the first model I ever used fluorescent paints on. I had some fluorescent Vallejo colors sitting around and had never used them; thought it would be interesting to make the smoke coming out of his potion bottle look a bit "magical."

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