Sunday, August 9, 2015

Week 2...

First week of the month I spent a lot of time painting... got up early on the weekend and did a little bit every night.

This did not equate to a lot of models getting done though! Spent most of the time on these guys:

They were a group of Reaper figs that have been in my lead pile for many years, and I thought they would be perfect to round out my Frostgrave warband as a group of "thugs" for my wizard's hired muscle.

The only problem is that they were metal, and so nicely detailed that I couldn't bring myself to do a super quick paint job on them! I spent a lot of hours on them, although it might not be obvious because they are painted in such muted colors. I do like the way they came out though. It's ironic that so far I've spent the most time painting the most lowly troops in the warband!

Anyway, here are some individual shots:

I picture these three in my mind as a group who hire themselves out together to various warbands, and I think of him in particular as the leader. I gave him some brighter colors to reflect his stature as the leader of the crew.

Just your average thug...

This guy was by far my favorite of the group! Such a cool sculpt. I think he could work equally well as a Thief or Thug.

I took a lot of pics of him because I liked the model so much.

Since I spent so much time painting these three, I did not make much progress on any FIW troops this week... AND I have some busy weeks at work coming up. It's not looking good for my aggressive painting goal this month!

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