Saturday, October 31, 2015

October gaming

While I did not have much time to paint or work on terrain over the past few months, I actually did get a lot of gaming in.

I started a Frostgrave campaign with my son last month and got a couple more games in this month. He's playing an Illusionist and I am an Elementalist. He was whooping me but I've started to catch up.

Here he is looking incredulous that I actually won initiative for once...

I also played in a 3-day Mordheim campaign with a bunch of friends out in Arizona. When I was younger I tried to get in games at the local game shop with friends a couple of times a month, and it was possible to play campaigns this way.

These days, everyone's busy and it's tough to get together regularly even with my local gaming buddies. It's impossible with friends spread all over the country!

So, every year or so we try to get together for a long weekend of gaming. I was a little skeptical about going to my buddy's place in AZ because he didn't have any models or terrain (a slight problem).

However, I was able to fit enough Mordheim warbands for 8 players in my carry-on luggage, and he was able to crank out enough terrain for multiple tables in just a few weeks!

This was a MAJOR gaming coup!!!

Everyone had a blast and he won with his Dark Elves.

Got to get me one of these temples! It was a great find at an aquarium store. Perfect for Frostgrave or Mordheim.

After we wrapped up the Mordheim campaign we played a quick one-day campaign of Frostgrave. It worked out well as I got to try out a different warband than the Elementalist I've been playing against my son. We did a Necromancer vs. a Chronomancer.

The Necromancer Bone Darted his way to victory and got an early lead, which just increased after each game... campaign balance can definitely be an issue in this game system!

It's a fun game though and I've started to like it more as I've gotten more games in. Playing Mordheim was great too though and made me realize that whatever new and shiny system comes out, I will always get the itch to go back and play a Mordheim campaign every now and then!