Saturday, October 31, 2015

October terrain

I did manage to complete a few terrain pieces over the last couple of months. I started them in August but just got them done this month since I haven't made too much time to work on them.

I built and painted this colonial church for French & Indian War games. It is an O-scale model railroad building.

It looks OK from the outside. Not great but it was a quick paint job, and I didn't do the interior, although the roof does come off so you can place models inside.

The base I put it on is larger than the footprint of the building, so I think I have to add some landscaping around the building. Probably just some low bushes or flowers would make it look much better.

This house was also an O scale train kit. It came preassembled though, and was even painted. The paint job looked too bright and "plastic-ey" though, so I weathered it with some washed and drybrushed the roof.

This one and a few others I have will be used for the more urban areas in FIW games. It's definitely a nice house, not something you'd find in a clearing in the woods on the frontier. Maybe outside Quebec or Albany. There is a 28mm Conquest British Regular on the porch for scale.

Here is what they look like off the shelf.

This is a corn field I'd been meaning to do for months. I found a plastic plant at IKEA that looked like it's leaves could be used as corn stalks, so picked up a few. These plants should be honored that they sat in the pile for under a year! I spaced out the plants enough so that I can place models in the field.

The field itself looks OK, not exactly like corn but passable. It needs a border though. In hindsight I wish I would have modeled some walls or fences around the edge of the base. I will definitely be using some free-standing walls around it when I use it on the table; it makes it look a lot better.

There's a 28mm Conquest Indian in the last shot for scale.

Finally, I finished a hill that I started years ago. This is a strange shape for a hill, but it's a very specific hill! I built this to go on top of another hill which is built into a table I made a few years ago. The table has a cliff overlooking a beach, and I made buildings to represent the ruined city of Tulum to go with it. This hill goes in the corner and is where the "Temple of the Wind" would sit. Now, I have to build the Temple of the Wind!

I might bring up the whole table from the basement since I've been playing a lot of Frostgrave lately, and a ruined temple city would be nice to fight over.

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