Sunday, November 29, 2015

November gaming

I also spent some time gaming this weekend, which is always a good excuse to not have gotten any painting done :)

Showed a few of my local friends Frostgrave after playtesting it with some buddies out in Arizona and with my son for the past couple of months, and also got to try Kings of War.

Everyone enjoyed Frostgrave and they've all gone out and bought the book, so I'd say it was a success! Hopefully we can get a campaign in soon.

As far as Kings of War... Yeay! I do not have to throw away all of my WHFB armies! This game looks like it will fit the bill nicely whenever I get the urge to deploy a whole army instead of playing a skirmish game... and more importantly, now I still have a reason to paint up all of the armies I never got to before GW killed WHFB!

Here are some in game shots from our games:

It may look like Empire vs. Bretonnians... but it's not! Everyone broke out their WHFB models to try out the game, and this was an Enchanter vs. an Elementalist. This game did not have much spellcasting, but a lot of bloody combat.

The Elementalist gets his bonus 100XP by drinking from the Well of Dreams and Sorrows.. Woo Hoo!

The game on the other side of the table had more action in terms of spellcasting, but both players took a while to get stuck in with each other. There were walls of fog and fire all over the place!

Finally, some Kings of War... Flank charges, what fun!

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