Sunday, July 31, 2016

July painting & terrain

July is over and I finally finished painting a few models that I started in May!

May and June are still a complete loss: my total output was "zero" so I'm down 20 for the year from those months.

I got back on the wagon this month with some quickie paint jobs.

I have had these skeletons for a long time... they are screaming skull catapults, which were not even legal in the last few editions of Warhammer. However, they are useful now as Balefire Catapults in Kings of War!

My local gaming group has been big into KoW lately but I have not tried it yet. I wanted to use it as an excuse to paint something up, so I dug thee out of the lead pile. Now I can use my skeleton regiments from my Vampire Counts army, along with this guys, as a small Undead or Empire of Dust army.

I also finished a couple of monsters for Frostgrave... a Reaper Bones model and an old school metal one.

That's 8 models done this month, so my deficit continues to grow... but at least I got something done!

Also started working on terrain.

I am planning a Mordheim campaign weekend for the fall and have some friends coming in from far and wide to participate, so we need to have good terrain to fight over!

I have a bunch of jungle terrain and temples for a Lustria setting, completed for our last campaign. Now I wanted to add some residential buildings for the Skinks to live in. These will be adobe style buildings for the Skink Barrios!

I had originally planned to work on a unit of ECW Pikemen for my small group of Covenanters this month, but we got to talking about the upcoming Mordheim campaign and now it's all I can think about!

August will be spent working on these guys, my Norse warband (Wargames Foundry Vikings):

When I'm done with them, I've got a Nurgle warband to paint up for one of my buddies.

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