Sunday, July 17, 2016

Still here!

So the last update to this blog was almost 2 months ago... yikes!

In May I had a bit of painter's block but that hasn't been the problem at all lately  - there's just been no time to do any painting, let alone blogging about it!

Had a hectic work month in June and other problems so far in July so my "10 models a month" goal has gone completely by the wayside. Oh well. If I am motivated in the second half of the year maybe I can make up for June and July, but looks unlikely.

Anyway - I did get some terrain done before things went all pear shaped. A Church by Ziterdes and some crypts to go along with it.

This worked out great since I actually had a friend in town a couple of weeks ago. Unplanned visit, but we managed to get in a few games of Frostgrave while he was here. Pics below. We used some of my new terrain, and also the new mats that I got from UrbanMatz. They are nice!

The latest thing I'm working on is some new terrain for Mordheim. Hoping to get in another Mordheim campaign this year with my buddies so I always use that as an excuse to paint up new warbands and terrain!

The pieces below are from Escenorama. They are nice but they are supposed to be modular - the only problem is that if you want them to be truly versatile (instead of just having multiple options of how to glue them together) you really need to magnetize them, otherwise they will just topple over in the middle if a game :(

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