Sunday, September 11, 2016

New Terrain

I was recently lamenting the fact that a lot of the cool pieces of aquarium decorations that are useful as 28mm terrain are only available in Europe/ the UK. This has been a problem for me over and over again as I see pictures of cool stuff on other people's blogs, only to realize that I can't get it myself!

However, sometimes it works the other way around and we actually get some great stuff over here. This week I received a package of some new terrain I ordered for my Mordheim campaign and boy is it a doozy.

I had ordered some new gaming mats, one coastline and one ocean. There's also a green grass mat that goes with the set - they are each 4x4, and connect to make a 4x12 tabletop. I'll show more pics of the mat itself when I get some mats from Frontline to do a full comparative review (these are DeepCut).

Anyway, since I now had the water board which I had always been lacking, I needed to get some ships. I actually have a large collection of model ships that I can get away with in 28mm, anything from 1/72 to 1/50... but they are kits and will take a long time to build. No way they'll be done in time for the November campaign.

I thought aquarium shipwreck decorations would be cool, if only I could find one big enough that didn't look so insanely out of scale...

I found this one on Amazon. It was the last one in stock, and no one else in North America seems to have it available any more! This happens to be the only reason I kept it, since it arrived broken and in multiple pieces. I glued back together what I could and stuck it on the table; not bad. There's a 28mm Viking on there for comparison.


The paint job is crap but it's a quick piece of terrain that doesn't require any work - perfect!

But here... HERE is the pièce de résistance. I found this bad boy on a random web site and took a shot on it because it seemed like a great deal. It was $59 for the whole set of three pieces. You could also buy the pieces individually, but I got the set.

Wow! What a piece of terrain. That is the same 28mm Viking on there for comparison. It's on a 4x4 table in the picture, so as you can see, this thing could take up the entire length of a 3x3 table even without spreading out the pieces! That is cool. I am going to use this for one of the scenarios in our campaign, can't wait! Crap paint job again, and I might want to touch it up, but I can throw it on the table "as is," which is always a good thing.

I think it was a great impulse buy, since just this week I saw it listed on the "new arrivals" section of the PetSmart web site and they have the pieces listed at 36 bucks each, with no option to buy them as a set... SCORE!

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