Sunday, February 19, 2017

President's Day Painting

Got some good painting done so far this month!

Managed to finish off some Pikemen to add to my ever-so-slowly growing ECW Scots, and also finish off a bunch of Bones models.

I'm having a hard time picking what to focus on this year! I am usually excited about a big project when a new year starts but this year I'm all over the map. As far as historical stuff, I'd like to get enough ECW troops painted to try out The Pikeman's Lament, which look like fun. I already have Lion Rampant and Dragon Rampant though and have never gotten in a game of either of them, so my track record is not good!

In addition to that, I would love to get more French & Indian War troops painted since I bought so many, and I also had a surge of inspiration to do some Arthurian troops at the end of last year which seems to have faded (now that I bought 3 armies and bunch of books, haha!). Maybe I'll rekindle that interest if I try out a game of the new Saga supplement, Aetius & Arthur.

For Fantasy, same story: I have a ton of Reaper Bones to paint, want to paint a new Mordheim warband this year, and also tempted to embark on a dedicated Kings of War army! In addition to this I've got tons of board game models to paint. I just can't pick which game to work on - I think I'm going to try to finish Dungeon Saga first since it has the fewest troops. But I really love the Conan models... and actually want to try PLAYING Zombicide, so that's a big reason to paint those! Ugh...


  1. Excellent looking figures, always nice to see painted tartan.

  2. Nice Work! I like the movement try for the skirmish bases. What size is that? Can it be used for KOW? 100x80 etc?

  3. Unfortunately it's not a standard size for KoW... it's a GW Lord of the Rings "War of the Ring" movement tray. Fits standard 25mm round bases. I use them for my Muskets & Tomahawks units since most of them come in groups of 8. For The Pikeman's Lament I think I'll need some other trays, because units are either 6 or 12 strong.