Sunday, February 12, 2017

Zombicide Deadeye Walkers

Just a quick post to show a comparison shot of the Zombicide: Black Plague Deadeye Walkers set vs. Mantic and GW Skeletons.

I am really liking painting up board game minis lately so I am sure I will get to these at some point!

In Kings of War, you can take Skeleton Archers... so I might use these rather than having to convert the GW Skeletons which make up the (vast) majority of my undead army.


  1. Nice, will have to get them....once I paint the 200 or so other zombicide minis I have!

  2. Looks wise they should fit it. What are you going to do about the bases to ensure they match without the Mantic one towering over the GW skellies?

    1. Good point! Hadn't really thought about it. Maybe different thickness movement trays? I am single basing these so I can still use them in Zombicide: Black Plague...