Sunday, March 22, 2015

Actually had some progress this weekend!

Finished a unit of 8 French Grenadiers by Crusader. These buggers have been on the painting table for weeks. It was a relief to get them done and in the display case!

My French army for Muskets & Tomahawks is coming along nicely. If I include Indian allies, it's up to about 400 points now.

I also finished sealing the flock on those bushes from last weekend. I sprayed them with watered down Matte Medium... a messy job. I like the way they look but still think I should multi-base them next time to do them as area terrain.

I love the look of this last plant when it was flocked up, looks like a big overgrown bush / small tree. I had this one in my stash of "jungle terrain" and decided to spray it brown and flock it up with the rest. I wanted to make some more of this one... Of course, with my luck, I can no longer find this plant anywhere. I'm sure I got it at either a pet store or a craft store, but I've checked the local spots and no luck. D'oh!

Finally... did a quickie paint job on some boats. Boats can be used in M&T and I'm sure we can come up with some house rules to add them in our Song of Drums & Tomahawks games as well, seeing as how the waterways were such a central part of frontier warfare.

The one on the left is a "jolly boat" and the ones on the right are called the "sea pup" by Games of War. I am not happy about the fact that the boats are not in the shape of real Bateaux / Whale Boats so I might buy some more and cut them in half + reassemble... seems like a pain in the butt but it is bothering me that I know these are not accurate!

I am getting down to the wire on my "10 minis a month" goal this time. I only have 8 painted and we are closing in on month end! I think I am going to cheat and work on some minis that I had started previously to squeeze two more in...

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