Sunday, March 29, 2015

The end of the month is drawing near... and only 3 months into the year, I was already in danger of missing my "10 minis a month" goal!

Fortunately I finished a female Frost Giant for my Norse army (Of Gods and Mortals), and got mostly done on a British officer for the French & Indian war.  Just have to varnish him and he'll be all done.

Unfortunately I got caught up working on some terrain so forgot to varnish him... which means I can't really count him as "done" yet because he's not ready to go into the display case!

I will take a pic once he's done but in the mean time, here is the Frost Giant:

She's a Reaper Bones model from the first Kickstarter. At this point I just have to work on some Norse mortals, and I will have a small but playable army for both Greeks and Norse. I have some Wargames Foundry Vikings which will fit the bill nicely, so I'll take some pics whenever I get around to this.

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