Sunday, March 15, 2015

Hasn't been much to report lately... mainly because I have been taking forever to finish  unit of 8 French Grenadiers! I was hoping to have some pics of the finished unit to post this weekend but it was not in the cards.

I wanted to have SOMETHING done this weekend since I didn't finish anything last weekend either, so I switched gears and worked on some terrain for a little bit.

I plucked off a few of those plastic bushes from the mat I bought and based them up. Tried out chopping a few of them up into smaller sizes as well. Here is one of the "baby" bushes:

I sprayed them a dark brown so the plastic plant itself would be the branches, then flocked as if I were doing trees.

I think the result was pretty nice. The one thing I regret is basing these individually. I'm glad I only did a few as a test. I think I will do large bases of rough terrain with some rocks and bushes for the rest. These look nice they are just a little but too fiddly.

Here are some shots of an Indian taking cover in the bushes:

I noticed that because of the structure of the plants, they would work well as forest bases for smaller scales if you leave them in clumps, because the base of the plant looks like tree trunks.

Here are some 10mm Pendraken troops I painted up as a test piece alongside the bushes, they make the switch to "trees" pretty easily!

And of course, the obligatory comparison shot showing the 10mm Brits next to the giant 28mm Indian!

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