Sunday, March 1, 2015

I finally finished the first company of my 35th (Otway's) Regiment this weekend. Here are some pics...

I tried something different with these guys and did not use ANY washes on them, not even on the flesh or metals. I am not completely convinced about the result. I think it worked better on the Troupes de la Marine that I did a few weeks ago...

Anyway, they are not too bad, but I just didn't really see any time savings or improvement in the look of them from my usual style so I'm not sure if I'll do this again. Probably have to at least finish out these troops the same way though so they will all match. I still have another company of hat men, the officers and NCOs, drummer, flag bearer, and grenadiers... Oy!

I was considering not painting the eyes on these guys but ended up caving in and painting them. I REALLY wanted to do a wash on the flesh to even things out but I stuck to my guns and tried to stick with nothing but layering on these guys. Maybe if I practice it more I will like the results more... but for now I am thinking I'll probably go back to the tried and true method of washes for flesh tones at least.

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