Sunday, May 31, 2015

May update: terrain...

Didn't really get any terrain done this month, but I did get my set of 12 Renedra tents *mostly* done, so I should be able to do a nice FIW encampment by next month.

In the mean time... just as with my painting, Frostgrave has been taking over my attention when it comes to terrain. I have a ton of stuff I want to do for FIW so I'm trying not to get too distracted!

Having these sitting around doesn't help:

I am really interested in doing a whole board based on the idea of a ruined monastery! Kind of "inspired by" Tintern Abbey in Wales but without being an exact replica:

Oh well; it's easy to have big ideas, but tough to get around to doing them. Those boxes have been sitting in my closet for years!

I'd also love to do a board based on the set of Osgiliath from the Lord of the Rings movies... but this would be an even higher pie in the sky, since it would involve a lot of scratch building!

Anyway - for now, I managed to put my ruined gothic city back in the closet and focus on a few FIW pieces.

Since I already have a bunch of log cabins for the "frontier," I wanted to work on some buildings that could represent a more established settlement. These would be great for the skirmishes during the campaign to take Quebec in the summer of 1759 - this was not the frontier, the British were raiding the suburbs of the most important city in New France!

So here are a couple of houses and a colonial church:

There's also another log cabin in there for good measure... it's a different style than the Pegasus ones though so it will mix things up.

All bets are off once Frostgrave gets released... I have been putting off building a Medieval ruined city board for years, originally intended to be used with Mordheim.

Now I will have even more reason to do it. I've got a whole bunch of kits hoarded away, just dying to be built and painted up... gotta get busy!

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  1. Cool Stuff Dude. Need to get another game in or Song of Swords and Blades on this terrain.