Sunday, June 28, 2015

June painting totals

This month was the toughest yet to finish my goal of 10 painted models. However, I am going to count it as "done" with the minor caveat that I cheated!

First up: Here are 4 legit models, British Regulars to bolster my French & Indian War troops.

This brings my British up to a nice round 16, with 2 NCOs and one Officer:

I still have to complete the drummer and two flag bearers, and I also have a company of Grenadiers to add to the unit.

For now I think I will just do the drummer and flag bearers though, since I need to switch back to French for a couple of reasons.

First off, I was lucky enough to get a few of my buddies to dive in to the period with me. However, they all chose to collect British forces! Which means that in order for us to have enough troops to field big armies against each other, I need to have as many French and Indians painted as all 3 of their armies. The good news is that we all chose to paint different regiments for the British, so they look pretty cool when they are all arrayed together with the various facing colors.

Secondly, since June is over, this is the point where I begin getting depressed about how much I am likely to finish by year end. The year is half over! Since there's no chance of me finishing my Brits or Indians, I would like to give it the "old college try" as far as getting my French done. As of right now, the French have the smallest number of troops left in the Lead Pile.

Anyway, back to this month's progress... you may have noticed that in my Muskets & Tomahawks game there was an unsightly white blob next to my officer. This a Reaper Bones treasure chest, and was his "precious item" as rolled up in the subplots. It bothered me that an item so precious was unpainted!

As luck would have it I played Mordheim the following weekend and needed a similar item. Yikes! More white blobs in my Mordheim battle pictures....

I took it as a sign that I needed to paint some objectives, Frostgrave, which comes out next month and is definitely on my list of games to try, actually requires that each player have 6 treasure tokens.

So... Voila! In addition to my 4 British Regulars, I got my 6 treasure tokens painted up for Frostgrave, Mordheim, M&T, or whatever game I might need them for.

Here they are with my officer for scale.

Now, that looks more precious! And it brings my painting total up to 10 models for this month to boot ;)

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  1. FIW looking good! Awesome tokens. British regulars just don't look the same without a nice stone wall in front of them to block those pesky French volleys...