Sunday, June 28, 2015

June terrain

Well it was not a bumper month for painting, but I did get some good terrain done so I won't beat myself up too much... out of the 4 buildings I started this month, I completed 3 of them.

There are 3 houses by Bachmann from their Plasticville line (O-scale model train buildings). These are pretty good for 28mm. One is a house under construction, and the other two are pretty much identical houses. They all have removable roofs.

You can see from the model in the last 2 pics that the doors might be a tad big for true 28mms, but it doesn't look bad. 

I also finished another log cabin, also from Bachmann Plasticville. You can see from the comparison shot with the Pegasus cabin the difference between the O-scale and 1/72 scale... they look a little silly next to each other on the same board, but each can work with 28mm on their own.

So there we are... 4 new buildings done this month. The cabins will be used for the frontier, and the finished houses will be used to represent the suburbs of Quebec if I ever get to play the Montcalm vs. Wolfe campaign!

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