Thursday, July 23, 2015

Historicon 2015

Up until last year, I had never been to a gaming convention in the USA. I was lucky enough to attend SALUTE in London a few years ago (which was awesome), so I always wanted to try one in the states...

Fall-In and NJCon both got a visit from me. But I had heard the granddaddy of them all was HISTORICON....

Let me just say, the convention was not terrible - but for me personally, it was the let down of the century! First of all, it was the worst road trip of my life getting to and from Fredericksburg VA. And then on top of that, the convention seemed to be no better than Fall-In.

I will definitely not be going back! But I did scoop up a bunch of miniatures and terrain of course.

The game tables were what I was most interested in seeing, but I was a bit disappointed there. There were many of them, but the really spectacular ones were few and far between. I was hoping to see the types of awesome work-of-art gaming tables that I am always seeing pictures of on the Lead Adventure Forum, but I guess these are a European thing! The terrain was much more functional and "tournament table" style, like something you'd see in your local gaming store, for the most part.

I'll let the pictures do the talking...

Flames of War demo table

Some cool winter tables. I was particularly interested in these since I've been interested in doing some terrain for the new game Frostgrave...

More FoW

This guy had a cool idea and did a big "display board" to go with his game. He was putting on a Germantown AWI game. At first I thought it reminded me of a high school science fair project... but then I actually liked the idea. I would like to do the same thing if I host a historical re-fight scenario some day. I spend a lot of time reading, might as well share some info about the battle with my fellow gamers!

New "Flint and Feather" Indian minis... cool.

Someone was putting on a demo of how to do scratch built terrain... I wish there were more tables like the one this guy was building!

Probably the coolest table/game of the convention. A huge Conan-type fantasy city.

Castle by Miniature Building Authority.

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