Friday, July 31, 2015

July painting

I got 10 models finished this month... largely because they had all been started last month!

Something tells me next month is going to be a tough month because I haven't managed to get anything started yet... usually I am working on a few things at a time, but I literally just put the varnish on my 10th model today and have to start August with a blank slate. Fortunately I had time to prep some models and prime them at least!

Without further ado... here are the results from July.

The French & Indian War got some love again and I finished off my characters from the Last of the Mohicans. 

Natty Bumpo, a.k.a. Hawkeye, La Longue Carabine: the man himself!

And with his foster family:

For FIW I also got my drummer painted for the 35th Regiment. Still need to paint up the two standard bearers and then a Grenadier company for these guys.

It's a lot of damn lace! Happy to be done with this guy.

The rest of my output this month was inspired by the new Frostgrave game. Kept going with some random Reaper models, all Bones material. I stuck with the lipped bases I had been using to paint models for use with Song of Blades & Heroes. 

A group shot of some of the characters; from left to right I am thinking: Thaumaturge, Elementalist, Apothecary, and the last guy can either be an undead construct or an Apprentice for a Necromancer.

Some solo shots:

And my first Baddie for the random monster tables... A Snow/Ice Troll! I'm not sure if I want to do a whole set of themed terrain and models with snow bases for Frostgrave, or if I'll just stick with the rules mechanics in a more generic setting. 

For this guy though I definitely wanted to experiment with a snow base. I started out painting the base white. This looked rather boring.

I tried something new after this and went with the baking soda/glue approach. I'd never done it before; I'm sure I can improve on it but it came out OK for a first shot I think.

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