Saturday, May 7, 2016

April Painting

Just barely managed to get my 10 model goal in last month.

Already doubting I'm going to make this month!

Last month was a big focus on fantasy stuff... mainly Reaper Bones and some more Wizards and Apprentices for Frostgrave games (by Copplestone Castings).

I also painted up a Skink Chief on a Cold One for my son's Lizardmen warband in out Mordheim campaign... Had to do it! He bought one and I had no model to represent it. Perfect excuse to paint one.

I have been sitting on at least a dozen of the old Skink Cold One Riders from before Games Workshop GOT RID of Skink Cold One Riders for Warhammer in the Lizardmen Army List.... I remember being angry when that happened - although, in hindsight that seems like a small gripe compared to them killing the ENTIRE game system and universe! Haha.... Oh well. On to Kings of War!

In addition to my fantasy stuff, I realized on April 30th that I was one model short of my goal and had only completed 9. I whipped up one more with a one-day paint job, and in the process, also kept it from being a 100% fantasy month! Now I can say I made progress on my FIW project last month too.

I found an old captive from Wargames Foundry's Pirate range in my closet, and he looked like he'd be easy to paint up quickly, and also a perfect model to represent a captive in various 18th century game scenarios!

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