Monday, May 30, 2016

May Gaming

Kept on truckin' with our Mordheim campaign this month. Managed to kill one of the Lizardmen's Saurus heroes.... hehehehe!

Serves them right for turning my henchmen into pin cushions. Here's a pic of a whole group of Skinks lining up their shots through a tunnel and into my henchmen.

And an aerial view of the whole battle.

There was a demon guarding a magical artifact inside the temple. Fortunately for me, my Chaos Magister was able to posses the demon and use him to attack the Lizardmen!

Once the Lizardmen all got engaged though, it was tough going. I would have been toast if most of my troops hadn't already gotten upgraded to have 2 wounds. This is counteracted by the fact that all of the Skinks have gotten upgrades to get 2 attacks!

Once he defeated the demon and took a wound off all of my troops, I turned tail and ran!

In addition to getting in another Mordheim game this month, I also made it over to my buddy's place to see a full size game of Kings of War.

This game is all the rage now with my local gaming group and has definitely taken Warhammer's plae since Age of Crapmar came out.

I definitely want to to try it out. It looks like fun. That being said, I think I totally prefer skirmish games overall since I'm such a slow painter. Not sure I'll get up the nerve to paint an army for this game. Might motivate me to finish painting my Warhammer armies though! I have half painted armies of Lizardmen and Vampire Counts. I also have huge, mostly unpainted armies of Empire and Bretonnians, of which I've only painted up a few units. The rest of my armies are still in their boxes :(


This game was Empire vs. Dwarves... the Dwarves were mostly unpainted, so they got the beating they deserved!

The Empire troops were nicely painted though, so their victory was a foregone conclusion:

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