Sunday, January 3, 2016

December gaming

Life got in the way so was not able to get together with my local gaming buddies last month.

I DID get the annual big game of WHFB in against my son though! Vampire Counts vs. Lizardmen. He whooped me as always with the Lizardmen. If it's ever close I just conveniently forget a few magic phases etc. hehe!

He was happy he got to bring out his Carnosaur, which ate my Terrorgheist.

We don't bother with points values, the whole display case gets emptied onto the table!

This was the set up. We usually leave the table pretty bare because the game takes so long to complete as it is! It looked too barren though so we added a big Lizardmen temple... unfortunately I forgot to take pics after we placed it.

I did win this combat!

His Saurus Warriors were munching through everything else though...

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