Sunday, January 31, 2016

January painting

January was a busy month but we also had a holiday and a snow day, so I managed to get my 10 model goal done, and then a few more for good measure!

I am happy to have finally finished these guys:

There is a lot of lace here! And those mitre caps.... grr....

But, at least they are done. I'm happy to be able to add some Grenadiers to my Muskets & Tomahawks army for the Brits - the French have had some for a while! I actually have another pack of these so I might paint 4 more and take them up to the max unit size of 12, but not any time soon. Fortunately I took notes on how I painted them so hopefully the others will match.

I used a red primer on them, followed by a black wash all over, then highlighted this a couple of times. Mostly Reaper paints.

Also got some fantasy stuff done for Frostgrave. I got excited about doing some Undead after I got my copy of the Thaw of the Liche Lord... although I am upset that I have to paint up troops for a whole new encounter table! I had not even finished the one from the first book. Oh well...

These guys will be Ghosts or Spectres maybe. Gotta check the rules and see which one is tougher, and I'll use the guy on the bigger base to represent that one.

And a Ranger model. I already have a Ranger painted, but this model has been sitting unpainted on my desk for many months! I really like him, but I wish I would have painted the metal version instead of the Bones model so it would have captured more of the detail in the sculpt.

As I mentioned I hadn't finished painting the creatures for the encounter table in the original Frostgrave book. To that end, here is a lioness to be used as a "snow leopard." Eventually I want to do a full set of these creatures in their actual "snow" theme! But for now just going to keep going with the standard basing and paint schemes to match my existing terrain.

With the two models I painted on New Year's Day weekend, that makes 14 total for this month. Woo Hoo! 4 ahead of schedule. It's a good thing, too, because I am going to have a busy February and I had a feeling I would miss my quota. Here's a group shot for January:

I'm happy that even if I am not having an "exclusive" relationship with my French & Indian War stuff, at least I have not dumped them completely! Really would like to finish painting these some day. From the time I started collecting miniatures at 12 years old, I have never completed a painting project!!! I was hoping these guys would be the first. We'll see.

It's only going to get harder now that I've added the Pike & Shotte side project! On top of random fantasy models I've got at least a couple of months worth of Scots to paint. As long as I can keep up painting at least SOME French & Indian War stuff every month I'll consider a success.


  1. Those Grenadiers are looking awesome. I think you just discouraged me from painting mine after mentally going through how you must have done all that lace!! Haha. Oh well, I have ECW to build.

    That black ghost model looks fantastic, I actually thought it was a GW ringwraith at first

  2. Nice Job man. I love the invisible man!

  3. Those grenadiers make me embarrassed about my FIW troops. Nice work.

  4. Awesome work on the grenadiers! Your painting style is similar to mine. ;-)