Sunday, January 31, 2016

Pike & Shotte

I am definitely a wargaming butterfly! Fluttering around and having a hard time sticking to any one project.

The most recent addition to my "to do" list for this year is a small English Civil war painting project to try out the rules Donnybrook, En Garde, and Flashing Steel. Eventually I want to expand my painted armies to play some big battle games like Pike & Shotte, Warhammer ECW, Forlorn Hope, or 1644, but for now it's all about skirmishes.

The first step was to dig out the "pike & shotte" portion of my lean pile and dig through the models to pick what I wanted to paint... Ooohhh Fun!

While I had it all laid out on the table I figured I might as well catalog it, which was a good idea! At one point I was able to keep up with all of the Warlord releases, but more recently I stopped buying all of their ECW stuff and needed to get a handle one which sets I was missing. I also had no idea which Foundry or Perry packs I had, since I bought those so long ago.

In the end I decided to pick a few Perry Scots to paint up. It was a good choice since I only owned 5 codes so it would keep the project limited in scope! Of course even after laying out hundreds of models and stressing over when I'll ever have time to paint them all, I've started thinking about which Perry packs I should buy to add to this force. It's a disease, really.

So anyway - along with a few of my local gaming buddies we are going to each paint up some pike & shotte troops and have committed to finishing our armies in time to try out these rule sets this year!

Here are my Scots all ready to go:

I am very worries about whether those pikes are going to stay attached to the models! Time will tell. Can anyone spot the one non-Perry model in the bunch?

I added a Preacher by Warlord from their "Fire and Brimstone" set. I was going to use him as the special "Preacher" character in a Covenanter army, but after a closer look at the rules I think I am going to play these guys as the "Army" faction instead of as "Covenanters" in Donnybrook.


  1. Is the non-perry model the first row 2nd from the right?

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  3. Hehe, hope. 1st row, all the way on the right. I actually gave it away when I said it was the preacher!

    1. LOL I stopped reading before that to go into detective mode. I didn't cheat by going to the website either, I just looked for the chunkiest miniature I could see since Perry are always quite slim generally.

      That lot looks nice. Metal saved you some time anyway over plastic. I went full Warlords but with metal pikemen and the rest plastic from Warlords. I probably should have just got Perry, but then I'd be poor when I decided to increase the unit sizes.

    2. I'll be watching this project with interest- Covenanters and NMA for Donnybrook are exactly what I'm doing too! Check out my blog if you need any inspiration! Best wishes and I'll keep popping back to see how you're doing


    3. SO FUNNY! I actually DID have a look at your blog: it's what inspired me to do an ECW force for Donnybrook! Technically the rules are for a slightly later time period but after seeing your blog I went with it. The internet is a smaller place than I thought :) One thing I was confused about when originally looking at your blog - are you using the "Army" faction to represent your Covenanters? Seems like they are not a legal "Covenanter" list, but I assume since they are part of the Covenanter Army, the "Army" faction list is more appropriate anyway. Looking forward to keeping up on each other's progress!

    4. Hello! Wow! It is indeed a small place! We play the rules as they are, for now, but the people I game with are all re-enactors of the period, so we have a different insight to practical aspects of moving small bodies of troops about; though to be fair, they work really well anyway! As for my factions, you're right- my Covenanters are just another army faction. My New Model Faction is here:

      and my Scots force is:

      8 regular shot (1 point)
      8 regular shot (1 point)
      8 regular pike (1 point)
      3 elite dragoons (1 point)
      Hero! (Free) ;o)

      I'll do a post on my Scots faction composition soon,after my next post about my shaken markers. It'll be sometime in the next two weeks, so keep watching. Glad you found inspiration, and I'm working towards a six point game to put on at the Partizan show in the UK in May, so the next few months will be detailing progress towards that!

      Best wishes, and if there's any questions, let me know!