Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Looks like I am about to be overwhelmed with even more Reaper Bones models...

The second Kickstarter is about to begin shipping according to an e-mail I got a few hours ago.

Only 5 months late... oh well, it's not like I had nothing else to paint in the mean time!


The Containers Are Here! Fulfillment is About to Begin!

Posted by Reaper Miniatures
We have received the last containers, and now have all product on hand to begin fulfillment!
Some of the Pallets of Boxes being sorted.Some of the Pallets of Boxes being sorted.
We will be working over the next few days to get everything that just arrived (and everything that has been here) sorted and organized into their proper place to make fulfillment easier. During the next few days, we will also start to work out the bugs and shake out the kinks in our fulfillment process.
This means that we're going to start shipping some Wave One orders over the next few days, training our people and breaking in the software.  

Wave One shipping to begin Monday, February 9th.

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