Sunday, February 15, 2015

So with all the "Bones" excitement this weekend, I didn't get much painting done. I did manage to take out all of the Bones models from their respective bags and ogle them for a while... but that doesn't really accomplish much!

In honor of my new Bones shipment, I did eke out one model from the last Kickstarter this week. It was a quickie paint job over the course of a couple of evenings, and ta-da!

A new Valkyrie is ready for my Norse warband for Of Gods and Mortals. I have been slowly working on some models for this game in between other things, as my son has been very interested in Greek mythology lately. Hopefully I'll be ready to get a test game in soon.

As of right now I've got Odin, a unit of Hoplites, a Greek Hero, Medusa, Harpy, and Hydra for the Greeks.

For the Norse I've got Odin, a Valkyrie, and a Storm Giant. I want to finish Fenrir, another Storm Giant, and a unit of mortal Vikings before we pit them against each other.

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