Sunday, February 1, 2015

So here goes... it is February 1st and time to look back at January. I set a goal for myself this year of painting at least 10 miniatures a month. This was based on my output from last year - 111 in total. I figure if I can do 10 a month than I will end up with a nice increase from last year.

My plan this year is to focus on the French & Indian War, which has been my main area of interest over the past 6 months or so. I've bought a bunch of models in 28mm scale, after hemming and hawing for a while over whether I might want to use Pendraken 10mm minis to do the Battle of the Plains of Abraham.

28mm won out though (for now!), with Muskets & Tomahawks being the ruleset of choice for building my armies and doing some gaming. More recently Song of Drums & Tomahawks was published, which is great because I like the "Song" series by Ganesha Games and it allows me to get some games in with smaller forces while I'm painting!

So with this in mind, last month I painted an additional 6 Indians:

I also painted a few more farmer types, because civilians factor in to a lot of the scenarios in M&T:

To round out the numbers I finished a Necromancer / Chaos Wizard and a Bat Swarm out of my large box of Reaper Bones minis. These are all from the Kickstarter a few years ago. I'm patiently waiting for Round 2 to arrive any week now actually...

I'd like to get a bunch of additional terrain projects done this year too so hopefully I can do at least one a month. In January I based up a bunch of trees that have been sitting in packages for years. I will need a lot of woods for French & Indian War games!

I have tons of jungle terrain for a different game but I boxed it all up and down to the basement it went... and now, here are the new North American woods so far:

I can't take all the credit for these though... I had my "minions" help me paint over the fake snow that clearly gave them away as Christmas decorations rather than the wilds of Nouvelle France.

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