Saturday, February 14, 2015

My Reaper Bones 2 Kickstarter has arrived!

I feel that I am now vindicated from the last Kickstarter, when I received my stuff after everyone else on the planet had gotten theirs, haha.

Very exciting night last night when I saw the big box as soon as I walked in the door...

Here are some pics. The box was huge (especially in comparison to the first "Vampire" level box), but it turned out it was mostly packing material :(

The actual core box was much smaller than the first time around. Still plenty of stuff, 3 big bags of troops in there...

And here is everything laid out, including the main draw - Dragons Don't Share!

The small boxes contain new Reaper Master Series paints, and the bag is full of bases.

Couldn't help putting a few models together real quick just to see how they looked. Here are come of my add-ons...

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